Florida Works to Increase Marriage Age to 17

On March 9th, the Florida House of Representatives passed a bill, 109-1, banning marriage to those under the age of 17. With Governor Scott’s approval, the bill will become law, and Florida will be the 5th state to reform marriage age laws within the last 2 years.

Previously, Florida allowed those 16 years old or older to be married with their parents’ permission. When a pregnancy was involved, there was no age minimum for marriage, as long as the parents of the minor gave their consent. According to Frontline’s research, Florida had over 16,000 child marriages between 2000 and 2015. This new bill aims to decrease child marriage within the state.

The bill allows minors to marry as long there is no more than a 2-year difference between the partners, and the parents of the minor grant permission. It does not give exemptions to minors who are pregnant or exonerated.

Learn more about Florida’s marriage bill here.

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