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There are many misconceptions about prenuptial agreements. Many people are afraid of suggesting getting a prenup before they get married, worrying that it might imply that they don't believe their marriage will last. Statistics show that half of marriages end in divorce. Even if your marriage is the one that lasts, sometimes it is better to be safe than sorry. At The Virga Law Firm, P.A., our Panama City prenup attorneys can advise you on the best options to ensure that your assets are protected.

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What Can A Prenup Do For You

A prenup has nothing to do with whether or not you love and trust your future spouse. It is, however, an agreement that can protect both parties with respect to property. In order for a prenup to be considered an option, both parties must agree to it. A skilled family lawyer can help with each step of the process.

Important things you should consider during the prenup process:

  • Get a full and accurate list of each party's assets during the time of the prenuptial agreement, including properties, vehicles, and finances.
  • It's ideal to have your prenup finished a couple of months before the wedding. A prenup is not something you want to rush or leave until the last minute.
  • Prenups don't always just cover rights to property in the event of a divorce, they can also be used to establish ownership and rights of control.
  • Retaining a prenup agreement attorney is essential. Don't try to do it yourself by following a template you found online. You could end up regretting it in a divorce battle.

Even though it can protect many things, a prenup cannot be used to solve certain matters, such as child support or protecting provisions that violate a criminal law. If a prenup is to be enforced, it is essential that fairness and disclosure are represented during the crafting process.

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If you want to protect your property and establish certain property guidelines within your marriage, a prenup is a great way to do that. A prenup ensures that the assets of both parties are protected and respected. If you think you need a prenup before your upcoming marriage, our Panama City prenuptial agreement lawyers are experienced in assisting individuals through the prenup process.

When it comes to the finances or assets that are important, you want to make sure that a skilled and knowledgeable attorney is invested in your interests. At The Virga Law Firm, P.A., we truly care about our clients, which is why we offer around-the-clock availability and case evaluations.

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