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As of July 2017, collaborative divorce is legally permitted in the state of Florida. This is highly beneficial for couples who wish to divorce and resolve their conflicts amicably, rather than be pitted against one another in family court. However, collaborative divorce isn’t just about willingness to work together.

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How Does Collaborative Divorce Work?

Collaborative divorce is different from other forms of divorce in that it primarily involves you, your spouse, your legal representatives, and licensed professionals who may be able to help you resolve your various conflicts, when applicable.

It all starts with you and your spouse securing your own legal representation. When sifting through ads for family lawyers, consider that the “most aggressive” attorney is not likely the best negotiator, which is want you want in a collaborative divorce. You also want to ensure your family lawyer has plenty of experience and positive testimonials to back up their claims of results and great service.

You, your spouse, your lawyers, and other professionals will meet to discuss your terms. This is when negotiation and teamwork begin. You and your lawyer will discuss what you want out of your divorce beforehand, then meet with your spouse and their attorney in a series of four-way meetings and seek to reach necessary compromises. If you hit a point where you need help resolving a point of disagreement, the four of you may bring in a neutral third party with relevant professional expertise, such as a financial advisor, social worker, child psychologist, etc. (This is especially valuable in creating child custody agreements, as it ensures your parenting arrangement is actually good for your child, not just do-able.)

If disagreements are not being resolved, mediation takes place. After discussing your terms with your attorney, meeting with your spouse and their lawyer, and working with professionals to resolve your issues, you may still be far from resolving important conflicts with your spouse. Mediation can be an important piece of the puzzle in collaborative divorce, because it gives you the opportunity to stay out of court and continue your divorce (if successful).

Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

When collaborative divorce goes well, it goes very well. It can save you thousands of dollars in court fees and legal fees, as well as expedite the process. The collaborative approach also gives you more influence over the legally-binding terms of your divorce than you would have if you let a judge decide. Its informality and voluntary nature also foster cooperation and allow you to preserve your relationship with your soon-to-be-ex spouse as much as possible, which is especially important if you have children together.

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