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When you have children, divorce becomes an exponentially more complicated process. Part of that process will include calculations for child support, or the financial support that Florida recognizes as your child’s basic right. From medical costs to basic needs like food and shelter, raising a child can be expensive, and both parents have a legal obligation to secure proper resources for their offspring.

Unfortunately, parents rarely view child support orders from the same vantage point. Whether you need crucial funds to care for your child or can’t afford the projected costs, our experienced Panama City Beach child support attorneys at The Virga Law Firm, P.A. can review all the factors involved in your child support claim. We can also help you make modifications to an existing child support order.

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How Is Child Support Calculated?

Child support is enshrined in the Florida statutes, and all child support calculations are made based on the specific guidelines found therein. Considering everything from each parent’s financial health to the total burden of childcare expenses, the judge in your divorce case will use the state guidelines to calculate exactly what your total financial obligation should look like. Then, a child support order will be issued – and while it’s always possible to modify these documents after the fact, it will require dedicated legal support.

Our lawyers can help you with the following child support issues:

  • Deviating from the child support guidelines. While the Florida statutes are very specific on the matter of child support calculation, they do allow for “guideline deviation,” especially you’re your case involves extreme financial difficulty or children with special needs. If you’re worried about making your child support payments every month, our attorneys can help you submit a motion to request a deviation from the guidelines.
  • Modifying a child support order. You can’t modify a child support order on a whim: You will need to show that there was a significant change in your circumstances after the order was issued. This could include the loss of a job, a substantial change in the child’s educational or healthcare expenses, or an increase in your income potential.
  • Enforcing your support order. Child support orders are legally enforceable, meaning that you can pursue a claim in court if the other parent fails to meet their responsibilities. This could lead to fines, penalties, and even jail time if the other parent is found “in contempt.”

Experienced with Complex Child Support Cases

At The Virga Law Firm, P.A., we have the skill and experience to take your child support claim all the way through to a meaningful resolution. While litigating a child support case can be complicated and emotionally charged, we’ll help you keep a level head and navigate these waters successfully. If you’re facing a divorce or a separation involving children, don’t hesitate to reach out and benefit from our 100 years of combined family law experience.

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