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Mediation can be a helpful tool for bringing peace and agreement to a divorce. When spouses cannot agree over major issues but are willing to negotiate with each other, mediation can be used to secure a positive result. Without this intention of good faith, mediation could result in more problems and complications than its worth. When you have a Panama City mediation attorney on your side, you can rest assured knowing the process will be handled efficiently and favorably.

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Is Mediation Right for Your Divorce?

Many couples often come to our firm seeking a more peaceful resolution to their separation. Determining if mediation is the best option before jumping in is important, however. If you were to enter mediation only for the sake of comfort and simplicity rather than because you truly assessed that it was the best option, it could lead to unfavorable results. That is why we are here to help you determine whether or not mediation is the right fit for your marital dissolution.

You and your spouse will need to come to agreement over:

Mediation can be a great way to hash out these issues in an informal and flexible environment. It also can save you serious money and time by avoiding litigation over these issues in the courtroom. No judge, representative, or official will make the decisions for you - instead, you and your spouse can work out an agreement on which you both have the final say.

How Will a Mediator Be Involved in the Process?

While you may be onboard with the idea of mediation, if your spouse is more aggressive or has more financial power, they may bully their way into getting what they want, without the court to supervise or restrict their actions. This can be especially true when couples misunderstand the role of the mediator.

The mediator is only there to guide the discussions and settlement process. They can't guarantee that it is fair or offer any type of legal advice. That is why you should retain a seasoned Panama City mediation lawyer during this time. Though both of you are agreeing to reach a settlement you think is fair, this doesn't always happen. With seasoned counsel by your side, however, you can ensure the agreement is looked over properly before it becomes an official court order.

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