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In Florida, a general magistrate may be assigned to handle your family law or divorce case. A magistrate is a licensed Florida attorney appointed by a judge to assist civil courts in hearing cases. Unlike a judge, a magistrate is not appointed by the Florida governor or elected by voters to serve at the bench. Sometimes our clients request to have their case heard by a magistrate instead of a judge, because they are typically resolved more quickly than if they go to a circuit court judge in family court. On the other hand, if your case is assigned to a magistrate, you can object and request a judge, instead.

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Presenting to a Magistrate

Our Panama City Beach family law attorneys have years of experience in divorce litigation in front of judges and magistrates alike, and we can help you determine whether presenting before a magistrate is in your best interests. If your case is referred to a magistrate and neither you nor your estranged spouse objects, then the magistrate will conduct the hearing in the same manner as a judge. He or she takes testimony, rules on evidentiary issues, and makes a ruling on the matter.

A key difference between a judge and a magistrate is that the magistrate has no authority to enter a court order; instead, the magistrate must have their recommendation approved by a judge before they are enforceable orders. If you or your spouse objects to the magistrate’s recommendations, our attorneys are experienced in objections to their rulings, and we can possibly seek other remedies within the court.

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