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Magistrates Court

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Similar to judges, magistrates preside over disputes in court and form a legal resolution based on the evidence of the case. Unlike a judge, magistrates are not elected. A judge appoints a magistrate, and the magistrate must present their recommended resolution to the judge for legal approval. As magistrates mostly preside over civil cases, they typically process their cases faster than judges, making them a favorable option for an initiating party.

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Presenting to a Magistrate

Because magistrates are first and foremost licensed attorneys, having the appropriate representation for your family law case is key. An attorney can help you determine if presenting before a magistrate is a beneficial option for you, and when it’s not, your attorney can help you object to presenting altogether.

Because the magistrate can only recommend suggestions to the judge, an attorney can even help you fight the magistrate’s report. As the legal processes for presenting before a judge or magistrate differ, having the proper legal representation is important in accomplishing your legal goals.

Professional and Experienced Representation

Our Fort Walton family law lawyers have over 80 years of combined experience and can help guide you through your case. When you need representation in magistrates court, our attorneys are able to help. At The Virga Law Firm, P.A., your priorities are our priorities, and we work hard to accomplish your goals throughout the legal process.

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