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Filing for divorce is a complicated and emotional experience that impacts all members of your immediate family. Before starting the next chapter of your lives, you and your spouse need to make many important decisions regarding child custody and visitation. The purpose of a parenting plan, or “custody and visitation agreement,” is to guarantee that both parents have time to maintain healthy relationships with their child. The court can’t allow your divorce to proceed if your parenting plan doesn’t provide for your child’s emotional, physical, and financial needs. Upon approval, your parenting plan becomes a court order that can only be modified or terminated if one or both parents take legal action.

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Your Visitation Arrangement

A parenting plan only becomes a court order after it’s signed by the judge and filed with the court. Change is particularly hard for children, so it’s important to negotiate a time-sharing arrangement that accounts for holidays and predictable visitation contingencies. Your legal representative can guide you through this process and make certain that your parenting plan is both fair and reasonable. In the future, you and your ex should be able to discuss and solve minor scheduling conflicts without needing legal intervention. However, if your life circumstances change significantly, you may need to request a parenting plan modification.

The Consequences of Violating a Parenting Plan

Like most states, Florida has strict laws regarding child custody and child support violations. A parent can face serious legal penalties if they fail to fulfill their court-appointed responsibilities and obligations.

A parent can be held in contempt of court for the following violations:

  • Intentionally violating one parent’s visitation rights
  • Failing to return a child to the other parent within 48 hours
  • Attempting to alienate your child from their other parent
  • Refusing to follow the time-sharing schedule
  • Not paying child support payments
  • Running away with the child

The court always makes its decisions based on the “child’s best interests.” If one parent fails to follow their parenting plan, the court may be forced to modify the original order. Granted, this only occurs if the violations are significant enough to warrant legal penalties. Being late to drop off your child because of bad traffic isn’t going to count as a violation. However, a parent can lose their custody rights entirely if they run away with their child or persist in violating the court order.

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