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Enforcing Family Court Orders in Panama City

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At The Virga Law Firm, P.A., we understand how overwhelming and stressful a divorce or messy separation can be. Piles of legal paperwork, hours spent in and out of the courtroom preparing for trial, and finances allocated to ending the relationship once and for all. All of these issues can be a heavy burden to carry. When you finally get the official court order or divorce agreement done, it can be such a relief.

However, this relief can sadly be short lived for many individuals. If you just finalized a divorce or separation and are frustrated by your former partner's lack of cooperation with the court order, it is time to get a legal advocate on your side who can secure results. As experienced Panama City divorce attorneys, our team knows how to carefully guide our clients through each step of the process, including enforcement of court orders following the dissolution of their marriage or partnership.

If you need legal help enforcing a court order against your former spouse or partner, make sure you contact our firm today.

Resolving Contempt Issues & Court Order Disputes

When an ex-spouse or parent fails to follow the order given by the court, it can be a very frustrating process. How do you hold them accountable? Do you have methods for making them follow it? Will they face penalties for ignoring a court order? All these questions can be difficult to answer without the assistance of a seasoned family lawyer in Panama City.

Our former can help you enforce an order against a former spouse or partner who has failed to:

In many cases, it may require court intervention to get the other party to respond appropriately. This is where enforcement comes in. If the judge finds that the individual blatantly violated the order without any justified cause, or is in contempt of a decree, they can use various means to punish them or ensure they pay back what they owe in full. For example, some judges may use wage garnishments if a parent fails to pay child support or fine them for violating a child custody agreement.

Believe your spouse is acting in contempt of court? Need to take legal action against them or protect your rights in an enforcement case? Schedule an initial consultation with The Virga Law Firm, P.A. by calling (800) 822-5170 today!

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