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At The Virga Law Firm, we understand that your child’s needs come first. Having both parents play a role in raising their child is an important part of his or her emotional development. While it’s natural to assume that role falls to the child’s biological parents, legal parental rights differ significantly. This often presents a problem for the father of children born outside marriage.

Unfortunately, fathers in this situation must take legal action in order to protect their rights. First, we will file a paternity case seeking Florida’s recognition of the biological father as the child’s legal parent. Then, our experienced Florida fathers' rights lawyers will construct a time-sharing and parental responsibility plan that defends your role as legal parent. With our extensive courtroom experience, our fathers' rights attorneys know what it takes to help fathers attain the legal rights they deserve.

Through our determined methodical approach, we will work diligently towards establishing your parental rights. Our legal team is only a phone call away.

Establishing Paternity

In order to gain legal parental rights in Florida, our lawyers will evaluate your case and file to establish paternity. The establishment of paternity is necessary for determining appropriate time-sharing and parental responsibilities.

In the state of Florida, paternity may be established via submission of an Acknowledgment of Paternity to the court. Typically, this acknowledgment is signed by both parents in the hospital after the child’s birth. However, it can be filled out at a later date by both parents. Accordingly, the document shows both parents are in agreement on the identity of the child’s father. With it, the state of Florida can justify recognizing paternity. Once recognized, the court may establish time-sharing and parental responsibilities.

Should the child’s mother or father refuse to acknowledge biological parentage, there is another method for establishing paternity. Either party may seek a court ordered DNA test. Florida courts will use the results of the DNA test as evidence to establish the paternity of the child’s father.

Remember, establishing paternity alone is not enough to ensure your parental rights. Once paternity establishment occurs, you must pursue further action. Our attorneys will not only establish your paternity. Our expert legal team will strive to achieve the goal of attaining all of your rights as a father.

Time-Sharing and Parental Responsibility

After establishing paternity, the development of a time sharing and parental responsibility plan is necessary. This plan will define the amount of time spent by each parent with the child, determine decision-making, and distribute responsibility.

Our Florida fathers' rights lawyers are committed to ensuring fathers have a relationship with their child. If both parties cooperate and come to an amicable agreement, we can resolve your case without ever entering a courtroom. However, our team of attorneys are prepared to take your case to trial to preserve your rights as a father.

We will work meticulously until our Florida fathers' rights attorneys construct a plan, which reflects your priority on your child’s well-being, while pursuing your litigation goals. By skillfully developing a plan that ensures your child’s best interests and your rights, out litigators will vigorously advocate on your behalf. Let our diligent legal team assist you with the necessary legal steps needed to protect your parental rights.

For further inquiries, call our office to schedule a consultation with a attorney committed to protecting fathers' rights in Florida.

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