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Danny  Durnbaugh
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    Daniel Durnbaugh is a paralegal, the database manager, and analyst for the firm. Daniel Durnbaugh graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Chemical Engineering. Daniel Durnbaugh has eight years of experience of working in the area of family law. Additionally, Mr. Durnbaugh has worked in Bay County as a highschool mathematics teacher where he was not only able to enlighten children on their path to adulthood, but be supportive in their time of need and help with family problems. Mr. Durnbaugh also worked as a part of the logistics and purchasing department in manufacturing, where he was responsible for buying numerous materials for the manufacturing process and ensuring that the materials were delivered on time and materials were on hand so as not to delay the manufacturing. Mr. Durnbaugh’s technical knowledge and ability to collect and analyze data is invaluable to the firm. From aiding the attorneys and paralegals in working cases, to optimization for the business, or to training of all employees, Mr. Durnbaugh is a key member of the Virga Law Firm team. A father and husband, Mr. Durnbaugh believes in equal protection and justice not only for the individual, but also for the individual’s family and children.