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Can a general magistrate be assigned to handle my Pensacola family law case?

Yes, in Florida, a general magistrate may be assigned to handle your divorce, modification or paternity case. Our Pensacola family law lawyers have years of experience litigating in front of both judges and general magistrates. Unlike a judge who is appointed by the governor or voters to the serve the bench, a general magistrate is a licensed Florida attorney selected by the court to assist in the hearing of cases. Generally, magistrates are utilized because they allow cases to be heard quicker than if they had their case heard in front of the circuit court judge.

If your case is referred to the general magistrate, and neither party objects, the magistrate will conduct hearings on all the issues referred to them. The magistrate will conduct the hearing in the same manner as a judge. He or she will take testimony, rule on evidentiary issues and even make a ruling on the matter. Still, the main discrepancy between a judge and a general magistrate is the general magistrate does not have the authority to enter a court order. Unlike a judge, the magistrate’s rulings are referred to as a Report and Recommendation and must be approved and signed off by a judge before they are issued by the court as an enforceable order.

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You do have the ability to object to the magistrate's report and recommendation in certain scenarios. Our Pensacola family law litigators are experienced in seeking magistrate objects as well as other remedies to these reports. Let us navigating the court system for you.

Presenting your case in front of a judge or general magistrate can be an intimidating task if pursued alone. You will be held to the same standards as an attorney and be required to possess an understanding of the Florida Family Law Rules of Procedure. Our Pensacola family law attorneys have the proven knowledge and skills to zealously represent you in your family law claim.

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