Defending Your Peace of Mind Postnuptial Agreements


Do Postnuptial Agreements Offer Protection?

As with many of life’s endeavors, planning ahead of time is critical in avoiding any bumps along the road. Needless to say, a solid plan in place helps people achieve their goals. When preparing for marriage and the years ahead, many couples choose to do this by creating a prenuptial agreement. This can protect many assets and properties from falling by the wayside in the event of divorce.

Postnuptial agreements, on the other hand, offer couples a chance to make plans after they have already been married. The legal requirements are similar between both pre and postnuptial agreements; however, the main difference between the two is that postnuptial agreements require full disclosure your finances.

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What Are The Advantages?

Postnuptial agreements allow married couples to decide what will happen in case their marriage dissolves or one passes away prematurely.

The issues may include items, such as:

  • Who will receive what share of the property
  • Who will pay spousal support, including the duration and amount
  • Who is responsible for debt, e.g., loans, credit cards, and mortgage bills
  • Who owns the rights to life insurance and other similar policies

Remember, in a postnuptial agreement, you must provide full financial disclosure, and provide affirmation, as this will be legally binding. The reason for this? It offers protection in such an event as one spouse wins a jackpot and attempts to hide the winnings from the other. You are also not obligated to sign onto any postnuptial agreement if you are not entirely comfortable. You can always consult with a Panama City postnuptial agreement attorney for more advice, as it always helps to have another set of eyes review the terms.

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