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Dealing With Joint Custody

In the past, when dealing with divorces, mothers were much more likely to gain custody of the children. Courts had the general belief that mothers were the more competent parent. However, this mindset has shifted, with more and more fathers gaining an increasing portion of the custody of their children. This change in thinking has caused some fundamental shifts in the way that child custody is addressed.

Studies continue to prove that children benefit most from adequate exposure to both parents. These findings are pushing courts to rule more in favor of joint custody. Joint custody simply means that both parents have legal and physical custody of the child, allowing the child to spend time with both parents, and for the parents to have a say in raising the child.

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Florida Court Rulings

When deciding upon a ruling, Florida courts will always keep the child's best interests in mind. The court will take into consideration the occupation of each parent, the relationship the child has with the parents, and the location of parents. If the court decides that both parents are fit to raise the child, then joint custody will be awarded. However, it is important to realize that joint custody does not mean that everything will be equal. Parents will share in legal responsibility but time allotment could be one-sided.

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