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While a prenuptial agreement is typically viewed as more common, a postnuptial agreement is also considered a viable option for spouses who would like to determine how their assets will be divided in the event of a divorce. A postnuptial agreement can also set the terms of a divorce, thus avoiding the need for a judge to distribute your assets and alimony.

How Do Postnuptial Agreements Differ from Prenuptial Agreements?

Postnuptial agreements address the same concerns as prenuptial agreements but are established after a couple is already married. Prenuptial agreements are created before a couple gets married.

Why Would You Need a Postnuptial Agreement?

If you are hesitant to ask for a prenuptial agreement before you get married due to concerns you might have about hurting your partner’s feelings, a postnuptial agreement might be for you. Some additional reasons for obtaining postnuptial agreement include:

  • You would like to revisit, or maybe even get rid of, your prenuptial agreement and create new marital terms
  • You would like to put the framework down for an amicable divorce – your postnuptial agreement can determine factors such as alimony and division of property without the need to go to court
  • To protect assets and property for children from previous marriages
  • To protect one spouse in the event the other has acquired debt
  • To secure financial resources if one spouse does not work
  • To clearly define each spouse’s wishes for the future

Reasons Why Spouses Benefit from a Postnuptial Agreement

Spouses may choose to obtain a postnuptial agreement to ensure everyone understands his/her financial obligations during the marriage and, in the event of a divorce, after the dissolution of their marriage. This type of an agreement is especially helpful if one spouse were to die unexpectedly as it will provide the surviving spouse with a legally enforced document detailing how he/she should handle the assets and property left behind.

Additionally, by detailing what would happen in the event of a divorce, spouses may avoid future conflict if the marriage were to end.

Do I Need to Disclose My Assets for a Postnuptial Agreement in Florida?

Yes, you will need to disclose all your financial information, including assets and property to obtain a prenuptial agreement. Your spouse will need to do the same. If you both refuse to do this, you run the risk of the agreement being unenforceable.

What to Do if My Spouse Wants a Postnuptial Agreement?

In the event your spouse asks you for a postnuptial agreement, make sure that you understand what he/she is asking for before signing anything. Here are some additional tips to consider before signing this agreement: 

  • Take time to read the agreement thoroughly and ask for clarification if needed
  • Propose your own terms and conditions
  • Hire an attorney to help protect your rights

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