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Our trial-tested attorneys know the need for strong representation during domestic violence cases. The scrutiny of false claims involving domestic violence brings upon a person distress and social difficulties. Likewise, victims of domestic violence often experience intense mental hardship associated with violent trauma.

Many of the lawyers at our firm have extensive first-hand courtroom experience in prosecuting and defending these cases. We understand the serious consequences involving domestic violence. Let our team defend your interests with the decisive professional approach needed for effective litigation.

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Get a Restraining Order in Florida

The weight of consequence in domestic violence cases cannot be understated. Our litigators will work quickly to protect you from threats to your physical safety and psychological well-being. We understand the emotional, traumatic and possibly life-threatening consequences in these cases. This is especially true in domestic violence incidents involving a children.

Domestic violence can happen regardless of gender or sexual preference. You do not have to be married or currently living with one another. Ex-spouses, co-parents, relatives (both by blood and marriage), and people formerly cohabitating can be victims. Our knowledgeable domestic violence attorneys will submit a domestic violence injunction to protect our client from their abuser. We will thoroughly compile evidence and use skillful analysis to build an evidence based courtroom strategy. When the safety of you and your loved ones are at stake, let our determined litigators defend your rights.

Advocating for the Wrongly Accused In Florida

Those wrongly accused of domestic violence face truly difficult circumstances. Often, the damage extends into the community. Friends, family and other associates may begin to doubt your innocence. It’s important to find an attorney willing to see your point of view and believe in your innocence.

Our assertive litigators are ready to help expose false claims of domestic violence. We know that your reputation and freedom are at stake. Through a thorough examination of all evidence, we will aggressively challenge the allegations against you. Our team of Florida domestic violence lawyers will apply their decisive and meticulous approach to presenting your best defense. Don’t face a domestic violence injunction alone.

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