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Divorce and family law matters are some of the most life-changing and emotionally difficult issues you can face. It can be overwhelming and incredibly stressful to face a divorce, child custody case, child support dispute, or other such issue. Do not go through it alone. You have compassionate family law and divorce representation near you.

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Turn to the Virga Law Firm, P.A. and get a compassionate divorce lawyer in Orlando, FL on your side to protect the best interests of you and your children—one that can guide you through this difficult time.

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Our highly-qualified family law attorneys in Orlando share over 100 years of combined experience in all types of family law matters. You can reach our team anytime 24/7 for a consultation. Additional areas of law we practice include:

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    At our law firm, we understand that during this overwhelming time, you likely have questions and concerns. Our Orlando family law attorneys will provide the sound legal counsel you are seeking, as well as the information you need to understand your options and make well-informed decisions.

    Are you faced with a divorce, child custody, or other family law matter? If so, then you are facing what could be one of the most challenging and stressful times in your life. This is why we are here—to guide you toward resolutions that are in your best interests and the best interests of your children.

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    When you work with The Virga Law Firm, our family lawyers in Orlando will ensure that you remain well-informed about your rights and legal options so that you can move forward with confidence.


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    What You Need to Know About Family Law In Orlando, FL

    From marriage to parental rights and responsibilities, each state has special laws to uphold the safety and sanctity of the family. At The Virga Law Firm, P.A., we practice family law to help everyday people navigate these rules and regulations in Orlando, Florida.

    Each day, our firm helps clients with paperwork, property division, time-sharing schedules and so much more. We also help our clients understand the laws affecting them, so they feel empowered to make the best decisions for their families.

    Benefits Of Hiring A Family Law Attorney

    Dealing with a family law matter can be difficult and emotionally draining. Our Orlando family law attorneys help you shoulder the burden and guide you through your case with compassion and professionalism.

    • Good family law attorneys have knowledge of the legal proceedings you are facing, understand changing laws and legal trends, and can help ensure you do not get buried in paperwork or miss deadlines. When you choose an experienced lawyer, you will also get someone who knows the courts and the judges.
    • This inside information can help your Orlando family lawyer create effective arguments and anticipate results. Your attorney will also know when to take issues in front of a judge and when to strive for private settlements outside of court.
    • Your attorney will not only be your representative in front of the judge but also advocate for you in private meetings with the other party. We know these issues can often be emotional, so we can help everyone stay calm and work toward mutually beneficial resolutions.
    • In addition to our knowledge of the law, we bring objectivity and professionalism to your situation, we can help you stay organized, and we will offer honest, straightforward advice every step of the way.

    The Process Of Resolving A Family Law Matter

    Your family law case will begin when you file a lawsuit or get served with one. If you are the one initiating the lawsuit, you will likely choose your attorney before your case begins – unless you are facing domestic violence or another emergency.

    In any case, hiring an attorney is one of the first steps toward resolving your family law matter (see above). Once you’ve signed your retainer agreement, your lawyer can start strategizing on your behalf.

    Resolving Your Case Outside of Court

    Usually, resolving your case outside of court will be the most beneficial option for everyone involved. First, you will open your case, then the other party will respond. Next, there may be a hearing where both parties will discuss their issues in front of a judge. Then, you will enter negotiations and try to reach an agreement outside of court.

    If you do find a solution, you will then present it in front of the judge assigned to your case, and if the judge approves, the agreement will become a court order. If you are unable to find a solution, you may need to go to trial. Before trial, both sides will exchange information in a process called discovery.

    Many cases settle during discovery because both parties gain a realistic perspective about the strengths and weaknesses of their case. Once they have all the information, families may also decide that they do not want a judge to decide their case and try to work something out amongst themselves.

    Contact us online or call our Orlando office at 407-512-0887 today to schedule an initial consultation with an Orlando family lawyer near you!

    Florida Family Laws

    Florida has its own laws for adoption, abortion, marriage, child custody, domestic violence, and more. You can find Florida’s laws on the Dissolution of Marriage, Support, and Time-Sharing in Chapter 61 of the 2021 Florida Statutes.

    According to the Florida Supreme Court, “families should be able to have all of their disputes resolved in the most effective and efficient way possible.” Although different case types are governed by different rules of procedure, all family law proceedings seek to resolve issues within families and familial relationships (as well as cases involving minor children), and the court will always act in the best interests of children (when they are involved).

    In the practice of family law, going to court should be a last resort. When you file for divorce or raise a family law concern, a judge will be assigned to your case, but that judge does not have to make sensitive decisions for your family and your children.

    Working with a Family Attorney in Orlando

    Instead, you can work with your lawyer and the other party in your case to find a favorable resolution and put it in front of the judge. You can even resolve issues outside of family law court by choosing mediation.

    No matter what you’re facing, The Virga Law Firm, P.A. is ready to put 100+ years of combined experience on your side.

    Experienced Divorce Attorneys in Orlando, FL

    Our Orlando divorce attorneys will help you every step of the way. Sometimes, you may even need your lawyer after the case resolves. After all, court orders can always be modified. Our team can help with modifications if a child support arrangement or visitation schedule is no longer viable for both parents – and even appeal an unfair decision that favors one party more than the other.

    How Do I Hire A Lawyer For Divorce?

    The first step to finding the best divorce lawyer in Orlando, Florida is to do a Google search. After that, you should read reviews and ask your family, friends, or co-workers for recommendations. Some law firms also have awards and distinctions that will point you in the right direction, and state and local bar associations will always be able to refer you to their members and tell you which divorce attorneys in Orlando are in good standing.

    Our Orlando divorce attorneys are ready to help you through this difficult time! Contact us today!

    Questions To Ask Our Orlando Divorce Lawyers

    • What kind of experience do you have with divorce, child custody, [insert the family law issue you are facing here]?
    • What strategies would you use to get the solution I want?
    • What are the chances of getting the results I want?
    • What are the other possible outcomes of my case?
    • Who will do most of the work on my case? (You, another attorney, a paralegal?)
    • What are the legal fees for each team member who will be working on my case?
    • How much should I expect to pay, overall? (Note: this will be an estimate)
    • How long will it take to resolve my case? (Note: this will be an estimate, as well).

    Overall, the most important part of choosing your divorce attorney in Orlando is selecting someone you trust and making sure their values align with your own.

    Grounds for Divorce in Florida

    In the state of Florida, what constitutes a valid cause for divorce is laid out in Section 61.01 under the Florida Statutes. This provides grounds which allow individuals to file for what is called a "no-fault" divorce, where there does not have to be direct fault that can be attributed to one partner or another. Further grounds for divorce include mental incapacity lasting at least 3 years prior to filing, adultery, domestic violence and abandonment after 1 year. Other more serious reasons such as substance abuse and felony conviction may also give rise to grounds for divorce in Florida, insuring that individuals in harmful relationships can separate without consequence.

    How Much Is It to File for Divorce in Florida?

    Filing for divorce in the state of Florida can be an expensive endeavor. In order to initiate the filing process, you will have to pay filing fees which tend to vary from county to county. These filing fees typically range from a few hundred dollars up to $400 for a simplified dissolution of marriage -- also known as uncontested divorce. Costs may rise if you decide to hire Orlando divorce lawyers or seek other forms of legal advice. Depending on your situation, filing for divorce in Florida can be extremely costly and should not be taken lightly.

    How to File for Divorce in Florida

    Filing for divorce in Florida can be a difficult process, and there are some things that should be taken into consideration before filing. Generally speaking, filing for divorce in Florida requires forms derived from the specific state court filing. It is possible to file pro-se, which means filing on your own behalf; however, it is highly recommended to work with an experienced Orlando divorce attorney as certain legal procedures must be followed rigorously. To begin the divorce filing process in Florida, you will need to fill out your Petition for Dissolution of Marriage and submit it to the Clerk of Court along with filing fees. Depending on your financial situation, you may be able to request a fee waiver from the Clerk of Court. Once these steps are completed, your spouse will receive notice and have an opportunity to respond. After filing for divorce in Florida and completing other necessary procedures with the court, you may obtain a final judgement of dissolution of marriage from the court.

    How Long Does It Take for a Dissolution of Marriage in Florida?

    The answer to how long a divorce in Florida takes depends on how the parties act. Normally, if the couple is able to stay amicable throughout the divorce process and there is no need for litigation then it can take as little as 20 days from the day one party files the first paperwork. However, if one party contests any of the proceedings then it can take up to 6 months or longer. Alternatives such as collaborative divorce or mediation can be pursued as they will also help speed up how long a dissolution of marriage in Florida takes.

    What Assets Are Protected in a Divorce in Florida?

    Florida divorce law protects assets that were obtained prior to the marriage. Any assets obtained during the marriage are typically split between the spouses. This includes assets like bank accounts, investments, and assets such as cars and houses. Assets that are acquired after separation but before the final dissolution may also be subject to division. Depending on the situation of each individual case, assets such as a retirement account, insurance policies or any other assets may be protected from being split between spouses. It is important to familiarize yourself with assets protected in a Florida divorce before initiating proceedings so you can have an idea of what assets may or not be at risk when going through the process.

    Still have questions? Get in touch with our Orlando divorce lawyers today! Call 407-512-0887 or contact us online to schedule your consultation.

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