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Temporary Alimony in Florida

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What Does Temporary Alimony Do?

Temporary alimony orders can provide short-term relief for soon-to-be-divorcees. When a couple separates or splits up, they typically revert back to their individual, pre-marital earning capacities. This means that when one spouse is more “affluent” than the other, the spouse with lower earning potential (often called the “less affluent” spouse) tends to have significantly greater difficulty supporting themselves when they no longer benefit from shared income.

More affluent spouses tend to have more education, higher earning capacity, and much more freedom to meet the demands of higher-level, better-paying jobs. In some cases, the spouse who is left to care for the couple’s children may have near or equal earning potential and education but be more professionally limited because of the time and effort it requires to be a single parent.

Temporary alimony isn’t necessarily intended to equalize the overall comfort level of both spouses during divorce, but it is intended to ensure one does not suffer unnecessarily due to reduced income.

Can I Get Alimony Before I Am Officially Divorced?

If your divorce has or will put you in a tight spot, financially speaking, you don’t have to wait until your divorce is finalized before receiving alimony. The two of you are still technically married until your divorce is finalized, so a judge may rule that your spouse should be responsible for helping you keep your head above water in the meantime.

Ex Parte Alimony Orders

Some circumstances may warrant immediate action by you, your lawyers, and the courts. Such circumstances may include abandonment by the supporting spouse or a stark economic disparity between two spouses at the point of separation. When divorce places you at a disadvantage or causes undue suffering or financial difficulty, you may be able to get relief quickly.

If your divorce or separation has put you in an immediate financial crisis, you must get in touch with a divorce attorney immediately. Once you have consulted with an attorney, they can work with you to appeal for emergency orders that would require your spouse to support you and your dependents.

What Is Durational Alimony?

Durational alimony is different from temporary alimony in that it is ordered for a period of time after your divorce. If you are the less affluent spouse, a judge may order your soon-to-be-ex-spouse to support you in certain amounts for a certain amount of time until you are on your feet financially and professionally.

This may be important if you intend to go back to school or enroll in a training program that will ultimately serve as an economic equalizer and reduce the necessity for indefinite alimony. The amount needed and the length of time you are given durational alimony may vary based on your education level, employment possibilities, relative parenting responsibility during and after your divorce, and those of your spouse.

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