Defending Your Peace of Mind Military Divorce

Comprehensive Guide to Military Divorce in Florida

Understanding Military Divorce Proceedings in Florida

When one or more parties are military service members, atypical divorce issues may arise. Many unique matters come up in military divorce cases that are absent in typical family law proceedings. Our Florida military divorce lawyers understand these particular complexities and can lead you to better decision-making and results.

Since military divorce in Florida involves further complications, you will face a number of service member specific issues. Among these issues are the division of military benefits, such as retirement and healthcare coverage. Additionally, time-sharing issues involving child custody can be complicated when new orders are received, and by your service deployment.

Navigating Jurisdictional Challenges in Florida Military Divorce

The dynamic nature of military life can cause disagreement on where the divorce should be filed. Unfortunately, this type of jurisdictional dispute adds a layer of complexity to the issue. Remember, the law usually permits either party to file in their legal state of residence. Our military divorce attorneys in Florida are ready to help you determine the best legal strategy within the proceeding’s correct jurisdiction.

Federal law dictates that the power to distribute military pensions falls to the state where the service member legally resides. Additionally, some states have different laws affecting said division. Because of this, it’s important to consider all options and seek professional advice from a qualified attorney.

Florida law requires a person to reside within the state for a six-month period prior to filing for divorce. This residency requirement is more flexible for military service members. Accordingly, military members are not required to physically reside within the state. Florida military divorce law permits said members to simply record Florida as their place of residence. For questions concerning military divorce in Florida or to find the proper jurisdiction for your case, contact our legal office to schedule a consultation.

Dividing Military Retirement Benefits During Divorce

Dividing military retirement benefits can be a complicated and intricate process. To ensure your interests are well defended, an attorney experienced in military retirement distribution will best serve your needs. Our team of military divorce attorneys in Florida is committed to painstakingly analyzing your case and putting our experience to work for you.

Sometimes, misunderstandings cloud the realities of military retirement division. The most common misconception surrounds the law governing military retirement distribution. Under the law, spouses having been married to a military service member are entitled a portion of the member’s pension after ten years of qualified military service. In this case, a portion of the military retirement benefits are awarded to the service member’s spouse.

However, parties that do not meet the ten-year mark criterion may still have retirement benefits distributed by the court. When this occurs, the military service member receives the pension and is responsible for paying the other party directly. Let our seasoned team of Florida military divorce attorneys help navigate your case through the complex terrain of military retirement division.

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