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Orlando Contempt and Enforcement Lawyers

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What can you do when a party is not complying with a court order? Our Orlando family law attorneys are skilled in Florida’s remedies for enforcement of court orders. Theses remedies include criminal contempt, civil contempt and civil judgments. Our attorneys will work tirelessly to enforce your order through any means available to you. Our Orlando office will work closely with you to ensure a strategic plan is developed to zealously advocate your legal enforcement needs.

Alimony and Child Support Enforcement

When a party fails to meet their obligations under an alimony or child support order, the court has the authority to actually incarcerate a party to enforce its order. Our Orlando attorneys will work diligently to enforce your court order and make sure your rights are protected.

However, in many cases, our team of family law attorneys have also been called upon to give counsel to those who simply do not have the means to comply with their court order. In those cases, our attorneys often assist our clients to raise valid defenses to the contempt action, while using our experience seek modification of the court's prior order.

Whether you are seeking the enforcement of an order, or representation in defending contempt, schedule your consultation today and allow our team of experienced Orlando family law attorneys to begin representing your interests today.