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The needs of children come first in any divorce, and they deserve to have each parent playing a significant, active role in their upbringing. Although, traditionally, the mother is favored in child custody or visitation matters, our fathers' rights attorneys in Panama City Beach fight for the rights of fathers, too. Even if you and the mother of your children were never married but decide to separate, we can help you exercise your parental rights, even in the most complex cases.

In the state of Florida, fathers with children born out of wedlock must establish paternity before they can take additional steps to protect their parental rights. Once paternity has been proven, you are entitled to certain parental rights under Florida state laws.

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Establishing Paternity

In a divorce where the couple shares children, the rights of both parents are considered when making stipulations of child custody, visitation and support. Matters become more complicated, though, when unmarried parents who share children decide to separate. In Florida, the first step an unmarried father must take to protect his parental rights is to establish paternity. If the mother agrees to sign and submit an Acknowledgement of Paternity document, that alone is enough to confirm paternity. However, if the mother refuses to confirm a man’s claim to be the father, a court-ordered DNA test will be administered.

Understand Your Legal Rights as a Father

Once paternity is established, Florida law entitles you to these rights and responsibilities:

  • Child custody and visitation
  • Modification of any terms, if there is a change in life circumstances
  • The responsibility to provide for your children financially and emotionally

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At The Virga Law Firm, P.A., we are dedicated to defending your rights as a father. We understand the frustration you feel. Rest assured, our legal team of Panama City Beach father’s rights attorneys is here to ensure matters pertaining to your children are handled fairly and you are given due consideration.

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