Common Mistakes That Make Divorce More Costly

Divorce can be a hotly-contested legal battle, especially when it has to go to court. Although court litigation is associated with several expenses, such as court fees and attorney fees, there are many ways to make the process more expensive.

The following are common mistakes that can make divorce litigation more costly:

  • Representing yourself – Going to court without a lawyer is considered the biggest mistake a person can make in their divorce case. Experienced attorneys have a thorough understanding of the court process. Having a good lawyer on your side can help you obtain the most favorable outcome possible.
  • Failing to meet with or speak with your attorney about the trial ahead of time – Knowing what to expect during trial is crucial. It is important for your lawyer to help you prepare for your court appearances.
  • Making unreasonable demands – Any unreasonable demands can prolong the litigation process, making the divorce much more expensive. Do not appear greedy and attempt to overreach. Make a reasonable proposal.
  • Not having the proper paperwork – If the judge asks you a question and you cannot provide an adequate answer, it may end up costing you. For instance, if you appear in court for a hearing where you are seeking a reduction in child support payments, you must have documentation at hand to prove your income and spending.
  • Interrupting the judge – Court litigation can be emotionally overwhelming. It is possible to hear something in court that you don’t like or approve of, resulting in a verbal reaction that may interrupt what the judge is saying. However, that is a huge mistake. Interrupting the judge will not do you any good.
  • Having an attitude with the court clerk and other courtroom personnel – While the judge may be the one who makes all of the decisions in your case, the judge’ s clerk helps ensure the courtroom is running the way the judge wants. If you upset the clerk, you will also anger the judge.

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