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Getting divorced is difficult in the best of circumstances, but when there are assets to divide and children involved, the process becomes even more challenging. Each spouse wants what they deem to be fair, but it’s rare for both spouses to agree on all the terms without some back-and-forth arguing. What you may not know is that you can resolve a divorce case without proceeding to family court. In fact, most divorces resolve with the help of a mediation attorney without ever needing to proceed to litigation (going to court).

Our experienced mediation attorneys are here to help you settle the terms of your divorce, so you don’t have to face a drawn out, expensive trial. Contact our Panama City Beach family law attorneys to discuss whether mediation or a court trial is a better option for you.

Is Mediation Right for Me?

Mediation is the right choice for many, if not most, divorcing couples. A mediation attorney is a neutral party who helps facilitate a settlement between couples regarding the terms of their divorce. Typically, Florida family courts require that divorcing spouses attempt mediation before a trial date is given. However, even in the midst of a court case, the divorcing spouses are able to settle outside of court through mediation.

Some of the benefits of mediation over litigation include:

  • Cost: Mediation is far less expensive than litigation.
  • Efficiency: Trials can take months, while mediation may only take days or weeks before your divorce is finalized.
  • Privacy: While court case results are a matter of public record, mediation is confidential. Florida law requires mediators to keep the terms of your settlement private.
  • More control: In a court case, a judge decides the terms of your divorce. In mediation, you are the decision maker. When you and your spouse can settle on the terms without a judge’s intervention, you have increased flexibility and control over the terms.

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If you are looking for a quicker way to finalize your divorce and move on with your life, mediation is just what you need. Our mediation lawyers are here to help you swiftly move through this emotional time and settle conflicts in a timely, professional manner. Don’t drag out your divorce, let our mediation attorneys help.

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