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Orlando Domestic Violence Lawyers

Domestic Violence Cases Require Aggressive and Experienced Representation

Our Orlando domestic violence attorneys know that whether you are the victim of domestic violence or falsely accused of domestic violence, you need aggressive legal representation that you can count on. Many of our lawyers gained their courtroom experience defending or prosecuting criminal domestic violence cases. Our Orlando domestic violence attorneys apply this experience to each and every family law case we have been retained to handle, but even more so to domestic violence cases.

Orlando Domestic Violence Injunctions

Victims need protection.

Our seasoned team of aggressive domestic violence litigators know that a domestic violence injunction can be a matter of life or death if you are in or have recently left an abusive relationship. Our attorneys will quickly seek a domestic violence injunction from the court to protect you from your abuser. We will ask the court to enter a temporary restraining order until the court sets the matter for a hearing. Our lawyers will methodically work with you to go over all of your evidence and be at your side as you confront your abuser in court. We know your safety is at risk, and we will prosecute your domestic violence injunction case zealously.

False allegations need to be exposed.

Though our Orlando attorneys know that instances of domestic violence are to be taken seriously, our firm is also dedicated to exposing false allegations of domestic violence. If you have been falsely accused of domestic violence, our team of trial lawyers are here to protect your reputation, freedom and future. We will scrutinize every allegation and every alleged piece of evidence. Our Orlando team is committed to building an aggressive strategy to best present your case to the court.

When facing a domestic violence injunction hearing, you need to know that you are sitting beside experienced counsel. Call our office today to schedule a consultation. Put our law firm to work for you.