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The Virga Law Firm, P.A. is dedicated to serving families in various Florida communities and we are capable of addressing a wide variety of family legal matters, including visitation. Our aim is to serve you and ensure you are protected and that your voice is heard during your divorce, and we are especially concerned with making sure you are able to be the best parent you can be following divorce. This starts with working toward a desirable parenting arrangement.

What Is Visitation?

In Florida, visitation is essentially about timesharing and determining when, where, and how often you will spend time with your child after divorce. In some cases, one spouse becomes the custodial parent after divorce and the other is given visitation rights by the court. When this happens, you and your ex must put together a visitation schedule and detailed arrangement about the dates, times, and locations of your visitation. If you can’t agree on the terms, the court will decide for you.

What if I’m Unhappy with My Visitation Arrangement?

Sometimes these agreements can be too vague for the visiting parent’s comfort. If you are worried your ex may abuse the flexibility of your current arrangement, you can save yourself a lot of time and hassle by asking the court to create a detailed visitation schedule. This will lock you and your ex into a specific agreement as to when, where, and for how long visitation will occur, in order to avoid wasted time and unnecessary frustration for both parties.

You can always appeal to have a court-ordered visitation arrangement altered if you find that it is unreasonable or makes it needlessly difficult for you and the other parent. However, there are a number of facts you will need to demonstrate and several important steps you will need to take to make the changes you want—and you’ll need an experience family lawyer to do it.

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Don’t leave the future of your relationship with your child up to the court or your ex-spouse. If you are getting divorced and want to ensure you are still able to be an active, involved parent, let us help. Our Florida visitation attorneys are well-versed in family law and have more than 100 years of combined experience in helping families and parents like you, and we are prepared to fight for your best interests and the best interests of your child during your divorce.

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