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Our Orlando fathers’ rights attorneys know the importance of both parents having an active, meaningful role in their child’s life. This role is generally the right of the biological parent. This is true whether the parents were married and went through a divorce, or separated after never marrying. However, our fathers' rights lawyers in Orlando, FL also know the hardships biological fathers face if they were not married to the mother of their child and are trying to exercise their parental rights.

Fathers with children born out of wedlock must take additional legal action to establish their rights as a father. Our Orlando fathers’ rights lawyers are often instrumental in aiding fathers establish and protect their parental rights. This includes legally establishing paternity, as well as developing a proper parenting plan that grants the father visitation and parental responsibility.


The first step our fathers' rights attorneys in Orlando, FL will take is establishing paternity. For a father to establish his parental rights to his child, there must be a determination of paternity established. There are various ways paternity can be established by the parties.

For instance, the parties may execute an acknowledgment of paternity and filing the acknowledgment with the court. In disputed paternity cases where the mother is unwilling to acknowledged the father’s paternity, the court will most likely order a DNA test be performed and rule on the issue of paternity after the results have been released.

If the acknowledgment of paternity is executed by the parties, or the court has issued a court order establishing paternity, the father must then pursue child custody rights under Florida law. Even if paternity is determined, the father has no right to child custody until an agreement addressing child custody is reached or a court order resolves the issue of child custody.

Child Custody & Visitation

Our attorneys have vast experience in facilitating parenting plans that have been amicably agreed upon by the parents, but also are in the child’s best interest. In these cases, the parties are able to resolve the issues surrounding child custody and visitation without the intervention of the court.

Our Orlando fathers’ rights attorneys diligently work with the father to ensure that the agreement reflects his desired time-sharing schedule, but also satisfies his desired parental responsibility. Even after the agreement is reached, our attorneys continue to work until the agreement is ratified by the court.

Our Orlando fathers' rights lawyers have the knowledge and experience to help fathers navigate the legal system and aggressively pursue their rights. Contact our office today schedule your consultation.

Financial Affidavit

Full and fair financial disclosure is instrumental in every divorce and family law case. Our experienced attorneys recognize the heart of every divorce is child support and alimony, reflecting the financial resources and assets of both parties. Even when the parties reach an agreement, a full and fair financial disclosure is required for the agreement to be valid. To ensure this disclosure is met, our fathers’ rights attorneys in Orlando, FL meticulously analyze the parties’ incomes to insure the required Family Law Financial Affidavit is accurately completed and submitted to the court.

Florida has implemented a form known as the Financial Affidavit to be used in the clear majority of family law cases. The Financial Affidavit is crucial to these cases because it details all forms of income a party receives from various sources and is used to determine child support, alimony and even equitable distribution.

The affidavit also itemizes the party's tax and various mandatory deductions to determine their net income, and the affidavit does not stop there. It also goes on to fully itemize all the assets and liabilities of the party. Each party must complete the financial affidavit to meet the minimum disclosure required by Florida statute when entering into an agreement.

Our Orlando fathers’ rights lawyers understand that completing the financial affidavit can be overwhelming due to its in-depth analysis of your income. Not only do our attorneys assist you with the completion of the financial affidavit, we also scrutinize the opposing party's affidavit to ensure your economic rights are protected and you receive what is just under the law.

Our team of Orlando fathers’ rights attorneys are committed to assisting you through this trying time and we are focused on ensuring your desired economic results are advocated. If you have questions regarding financial affidavits, or pursuing a family law case, call our office today to schedule your same-day consultation.

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