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If you believe your family law case was mishandled or want to pursue a different result, our Panama City family law appeals attorneys can help. The Virga Law Firm, P.A. has over 100 years of combined experience and a successful track record with these legal matters. Our compassionate team of fierce advocates can guide you through the process and protect your interests every step of the way.

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Divorce is complex, and in Florida, property and child custody follow strict rules that may not result in a favorable outcome. The court does not require divorcing spouses to provide grounds for their divorce – instead, both parties must agree that the marriage cannot continue because it is irretrievably broken.

Some spouses may qualify for a simplified divorce process if they meet specific criteria. These cases are streamlined and often take less time and resources to resolve. Spouses without children who agree on property division, spousal support, and other matters are candidates for the simplified divorce process.

Their divorce case could potentially go to court for spuses who do not qualify for the simplified process. If your case goes before the court, you must have legal representation to protect your rights and interests.

Child Custody

The most contentious and emotional part of divorce is child custody. The court acts in the child's best interests, which means the judge considers many factors, including each parent's financial and emotional stability, to determine who gets physical custody of the child.

If both parents can provide stability and support to the child, joint custody is an option. However, if one parent can provide a better environment for their child, the court may award them physical custody.

Custody may also become an important issue outside of divorce. For remarried spouses, the stepparent may adopt the child. This process often involves investigation into the stepparent's background and the ex-spouse's parental rights. These cases should never be handled without the help of an attorney.

Property Division

Another complicated issue during divorce is property division. During a divorce, the court will evaluate the financial status of both spouses to divide their property equitably. This does not mean that all marital property will be split 50/50. Instead, the court will allocate property based on each spouses' financial needs.

For example, suppose one spouse was out of the workforce during the marriage. In that case, the court may give them a slightly larger share of marital property to help them maintain a standard of living and support their reentrance into the workforce.

Property division can also influence other aspects of the divorce case, including spousal support and child custody.

Family Law Appeals

If you are unsatisfied with the outcome of your divorce, you may have grounds for an appeal. In some cases, the other party may have hidden significant evidence, or there could be a critical error during the trial. These are grounds for an appeal.

You must provide documentation and evidence to support your grounds to file an appeal. Once you file a formal request, the other party will have a limited period of time to respond. You must file a reply brief answering their questions, and then the appeals case can go before the court.

Filing an appeal does not guarantee a different result, and it is important to note that the other party can also bring evidence before the court. Never attempt to file an appeal without the help of an attorney.

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The Virga Law Firm, P.A., has extensive experience with family law appeals, and our attorneys have handled many appeals cases for our clients. We can investigate the case and help you pursue an appeal while protecting your interests.

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