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There’s a fairly good chance you’ve heard of a prenuptial agreement before. Commonly referred to as a “prenup,” these are legal agreements which many couples choose to draft before their marriage which protect their assets and properties in the event of a divorce. However, did you know that you do not have to secure a prenuptial agreement to ensure such protections? With a postnuptial agreement, you will be able to make similar determinations to what you would divide in a prenup. The difference with postnuptial agreements is that they are drafted after a marriage has ended, rather than before. It’s also important to note that prenuptial agreements require you to fully disclose your finances.

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What Goes into a Post-Nuptial Agreement?

Postnuptial agreements are largely devoted to settling matters like alimony a.k.a. known as spousal support, relocation, and property division. In general, the only matters which postnuptial agreements cannot usually be applied to are ones regarding children, such as visitation, custody, and child support. This is because the court must always consider the ongoing welfare of the child in these matters, and postnuptial agreements generally cannot fully determine what is best for a child/children long-term.

It is extremely important to be as honest as possible with your attorney in disclosing financial assets, as the right lawyer can help you hold onto what’s yours. Without the assistance of a practiced family lawyer, you may find it more difficult to arrive at an agreement which is fair, and could end up losing valuable assets and property, as well as spending a long time wrapped up in costly litigation.

A knowledgeable attorney will be able to help negotiate a postnuptial agreement determining:

  • How assets and liabilities will be split up
  • If and for how long spousal support payments will occur
  • How assets will be handled in the event one spouse dies

How Do I Develop a Postnuptial Agreement in the State of Florida?

Like most family law matters, postnuptial agreements should not be taken lightly. You must follow certain legal procedures to successfully arrive at a valid postnuptial agreement. This is why it is essential to hire an attorney who can help settle these matters following a divorce.

In the state of Florida, all postnuptial agreements must meet the following requirements:

  • All pertinent information must be written entirely within the agreement. Oral agreements are not enforceable under state law.
  • Financial information, such as assets, debts, and income, must be completely disclosed to both parties upon drafting the agreement.
  • Each party must sign the agreement intentionally and of their own volition.
  • The terms of the agreement must be fair and executable. In the event of a dissolution, the court shall review the terms written in the agreement. If the court finds the agreement to be blatantly one-sided, the agreement will be considered invalid and unenforceable.
  • The agreement must be notarized within the state of Florida.

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