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More and more couples in recent years have children outside of marriage. Therefore, once the relationship ends, many fathers find out that their rights to co-parent or see their children are challenged. Additionally, mothers who must raise a child on her own would benefit from a child support order from a reluctant father. Whether a father or a mother wishes to establish paternity, an experienced family lawyer can help.

If you are interested in establishing paternity, our Pensacola paternity attorneys at Virga Law Firm, P.A. can help. With more than eight decades of combined legal experience, we have a thorough understanding of the Florida legal system to help you obtain the outcome you desire.

Florida Paternity Law

When a married mother gives birth, the mother’s husband is presumed to be the child’s father. On the other hand, if an unmarried mother gives birth, paternity must be established, whether voluntarily or through the court.

If the mother and supposed father agree on the identity of the child’s father, they can sign a “Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity” form to acknowledge that the male signing the form is the child’s legal father. After 60 days have elapsed after signing, the acknowledgement becomes final.

If a voluntary acknowledgement hasn’t been signed, the mother or supposed father may file a petition with the court to involuntarily establish paternity. Furthermore, the Department of Revenue Child Support Enforcement Unit may file a petition on the child’s behalf.

If an involuntary paternity case is brought against an alleged father, he will be summoned to appear in family court and ordered to perform a DNA test. If the DNA test results determine who the biological father is, the person will be obligated to make child support payments.

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Whether you are the mother who wishes to establish paternity or alleged father who wishes to file a counter petition, we are committed to helping you obtain the best possible results. Our Pensacola paternity lawyers can review your case and determine all your legal options.

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