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In many cases, alimony claims play a critical role in Florida divorce cases. The Virga Law Firm has defended client interests in all forms of alimony claims throughout Florida. Whether your case involves: bridge-the-gap, durational, permanent, or rehabilitative alimony, our experienced team of Florida alimony attorneys will guide you through every step.

We will analyze the pertinent facts of your case to best determine the most effective strategy to defend your rights regarding alimony issues. Our proven approach can help you prosecute or defend against an alimony case.

Alimony is any moneys paid from one spouse to the other as a means of support arising from a divorce case. In general, courts evaluate both parties’ economic situation to best determine the need and ability to pay any alimony. The requesting party must meet the standards of need required by law.

Florida courts review each case individually and rule based on the circumstances, attempting to reach a fair result. During litigation, the ability to pay is also evaluated. It’s highly unlikely for a court ruling to cause the paying party’s net worth to be less than the recipient’s. At court, several factors determine whether an alimony’s award is appropriate.

Some of the more common are as follows:

  • The financial resources of both the spouse seeking alimony and the other party. These resources include – marital assets, non-marital assets, and liabilities
  • All income sources for both parties (e.g., investment income)
  • The earning capability, educational history, vocational skills, and employability of each party
  • Expenses related to seeking party’s education and training for employment preparation
  • The standard of living during the time of marriage
  • The marriage’s length
  • Both parties’ age, physical condition, and emotional condition
  • The contributions of each party to the marriage. This includes - home management, child care, educational attainment, and efforts pertaining to one party’s aid to the other with their career
  • The tax consequences of the alimony award to each party
  • The responsibilities of each spouse in respect to any minor children the parties have in common

At The Virga Law Firm, our team of alimony lawyers know skillful and detailed evaluation of the above factors are key to the effective presentation of your alimony claim or defense. Let our attorneys help defend your interests.

For questions about alimony claims, please contact our firm for a consultation.

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