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If you're struggling to find the best path forward in your custody case, you're not alone. Finding a way to pursue your child's best interests in a custody case without destabilizing the family dynamic too much can seem impossible.

At The Virga Law Firm, P.A., we help parents negotiate equitable joint custody arrangements that enable them to spend quality time with their child and help them thrive.

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What Is Joint Custody?

In a joint custody arrangement, both parents share physical and legal custody of their child(ren). In Florida, joint custody is also called shared parental responsibility. Florida courts don't actually use the term "custody"—instead, they use the "time-share" to describe custody.

  • Physical custody governs which parent a child lives with. In a joint custody arrangement, the child spends an equal amount of time living with both parents (called "equal time-sharing). If the child spends the majority of their time living with one parent, that's called a "majority time-sharing" arrangement.
  • Legal custody governs a child's well-being. In a joint custody arrangement, both parents have a say in the education their child receives, their dental and medical insurance, what cultures they're exposed to, behavioral and academic boundaries for the child, etc.

Why Should I Want a Joint Custody (Equal Time-Sharing) Arrangement?

Seeking an equal time-sharing arrangement from the court has a multitude of benefits:

  • Both parents get to see the child often. If the child has a close relationship with both parents, this can help make conflicts like a divorce less stressful.
  • It's more amicable. Many parents find they have a better co-parenting relationship with an equal time-sharing arrangement. When possible, courts default to equal time-sharing agreements, so if an equal time-share is already your objective, you can expect a less stressful custody battle in court.
  • It makes parenting easier. With an equal time-share, it's relatively easy for both parents to set the same boundaries and parenting expectations for their child. That can make it easier for each parent to fulfill their responsibilities as a caregiver.

If you think an equal time-sharing arrangement is right for you, our Navarre joint custody attorneys can help you pursue one in court. We'll work with you to draft a comprehensive parenting plan with your co-parent, helping you ease into life as a parent after your custody case is said and done.

To schedule a consultation with our team, contact us online or via phone at (800) 822-5170.

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