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Our team at The Virga Law Firm, P.A. is committed to ensuring you are as protected and cared for as possible during your divorce. If your spouse hits the road and leaves you with more bills, expenses, and financial obligations than you can sustain on your own, a judge may determine that your spouse is still on the hook to help support you and any dependents who are left behind in your care. In such cases, the court may issue orders for temporary alimony.

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What Is Temporary Alimony?

Temporary alimony orders help ensure your well-being and that of your dependents during your divorce. It can create a stark, immediate economic disparity when one spouse moves out, especially if the departing spouse is more educated, affluent, or capable of earning a living wage than the other.

The primary purpose of temporary alimony is to get you through your divorce without undergoing unnecessary financial hardship. As such, temporary alimony is awarded on the basis of immediate needs, such as rent, mortgage payments, groceries, utility costs, health insurance payments, and other costs associated with basic needs and managing a household. (With this in mind, know that a judge is unlikely to issue an order for temporary alimony in order that you might maintain an extravagant lifestyle.)

Do I Need Temporary Orders to Get Spousal Support During My Divorce?

A short-term spousal support agreement is certainly easier than appealing to a judge and attending a hearing. If you and your spouse can agree on how much support should be given, at least for the duration of the divorce, ensure you put it in writing and review it with your attorney. This could prove very important if you reach a point in the divorce when the paying spouse decides to stop making payments.

Also consider that the amount of temporary alimony you think you need may not be the amount you actually need. Before signing any agreements or negotiating with your spouse, consult with an experienced alimony attorney and let us help make sure you are appropriately supported.

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