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Christopher Melendez


“For most people, uncertainty is a major stressor. Unfortunately, uncertainty is the one certainty in a family law case. ‘Where are my grandchildren children going to live? How much will I get from my retirement? Who’s going to help pay my bills now that my spouse is not helping support me? How do I even start my divorce?” are some questions that you might have.

You’ll find that in your family law case, it’s going to be a lot less stress, and a lot less trouble than you think. I’m going to walk you through every step, answer every question, and let you know what realistically may or may not happen in your type of case. With that knowledge, you will wonder why you worried so much in the beginning.”

- Christoper Melendez, Esq.

Attorney Christopher Melendez has dealt with paternity, divorce, child support, and temporary custody by an extended family member cases all over Northern Florida. As a former business manager and the son of an immigrant, he is used to starting from the bottom, working long and hard hours to get results.

Christopher Melendez graduated from Florida State University Cum Laude, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Entrepreneurship. After graduation, Melendez stayed in Tallahassee to manage the family business where he had worked since childhood. In 2010, after obtaining over a decade of experience in small business management, Christopher left the business to attend Florida Coastal School of Law. While obtaining his law degree Christopher served as a teaching assistant for various courses, including: Florida Coastal’s Lawyering Process I (legal writing and research), Lawyering Process II, and Advanced Legal Research courses. In addition, he interned for a United States Middle District of Florida Senior Judge and earned a certificate in legal research, writing, and drafting.

Shortly after graduating cum laude from Florida Coastal School of Law and receiving his license to practice in Florida, Christopher worked for North Florida Legal Services. He assisted the indigent with government aid applications, loan modification documents, and defending debt collection and eviction proceedings. In early 2014 he moved to south Florida to work in Mortgage Foreclosure Defense and in 2015 Melendez returned to Tallahassee to provide affordable immigration, bankruptcy, and family law services to residents of Leon and surrounding counties. Joining The Virga Law Firm, P.A. in 2016, Christopher brings years of conflict resolution experience that he acquired as a business manager, superb legal writing, and a dedication to thorough research. This lends to his previous legal experience in saving both homes and families in counties all over the state of Florida.

In 2017, attorney Melendez successfully defended multiple contempt cases against parents filed by the department of revenue, helping these parents keep their freedom, and retain or reinstate their Florida Driver’s License. For those that had suffered hardship and job loss, he assisted them further in getting their child support payments lowered to something they could afford.

Furthermore, earlier this year, Christopher successfully obtained majority time sharing for a concerned father who faced a great deal of uncertainty when his son’s mother informed him she would be relocating to her cult’s compound in Texas. The implication being the father would never see his son again. Christopher was quick to act and was able to gran the child’s father full custody, with the mother receiving supervised visitation until the court decides otherwise.

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Mother and Daughter
  • “He responded to my messages promptly and I never felt rushed when speaking with him in meetings and phone conversations.”

    A Divorce Client

  • “Mr. Virga not only accepted me as a client, but he took my case to heart.”

    A Litigation Client

  • “Gerard is smarter than 95% of people I know, including lawyers.”

    Adam Ellis, Litigation Lawyer

  • “If you are looking for an attorney who is professional, honest, knowledgeable and responsive to your needs, Gerard Virga meets such requirements.”

    A Divorce Client

  • “It was a blessing for me to have Gerard on my side during the divorce!”

    Visi, A Divorce Client

  • “He answered in a way that helped me understand the law better.”

    A Divorce Client

  • “Mr. Virga treated me with professionalism and fought my case well!”

    A Divorce Client

  • “Gerard is a brilliant attorney and he's the one you want on your side!”

    Rusty Shepard, Criminal Defense Attorney

  • “I will definitely be recommending to anyone I know that needs a child custody or divorce attorney!”

    A Divorce Client

  • “The clients I refer to Mr. Virga are always satisfied with and complimentary of his services.”

    Joseph Turner, Criminal Defense Attorney

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