Defending Your Peace of Mind Infidelity in Divorce

How Does Infidelity Factor Into Divorce?

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Because Florida is considered a "no-fault" divorce state, the law does not require you to provide a reason for divorcing your spouse. You only need to show that you and your spouse's relationship has broken down completely to the point where you cannot see yourself reuniting or mending the relationship.

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How Does Adultery Impact A Divorce?

Thanks to the no-fault law, you do not need to state your reasons in court about why you wish to divorce your spouse. This relieves some of the tension and saves you from having to speak about the issue. Even though you do not need to use this fact as a way to give weight to your divorce petition, adultery can still negatively impact the judge's decision-making.

The judge may rule against the unfaithful spouse in the following matters:

In the case of property division, as an example, the law decrees that assets will be distributed equitably: what is fair and rightful to each spouse respectively. However, because one spouse has committed some wrongdoing, the judge may not look so kindly toward that spouse and may decide to award more to the other spouse.

Should I Have An Attorney?

Ultimately, it is always in your best interests, whether or not infidelity played a role in the decline of your marriage, to seek legal counsel. We can advocate on your behalf to help you seek the outcome that you rightfully deserve and that your divorce case swings in your favor. With over 100 years of combined legal experience, we know how to help families repair and rebuild their lives.

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