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Divorce is a complicated process, filled with tough discussions as well as much debated topics. When the subject of visitation of children comes into focus, it can be difficult to reach a favorable settlement upon which both spouses agree. The Virga Law Firm, P.A. works closely with my clients to fully understand their case so we can offer personalized assistance. We understand the importance of achieving a positive outcome, not only for you, but also for your children's sake.

Our Panama City visitation attorneys understand the importance and the delicacy of this matter. That is why we strive to offer compassionate and devoted legal guidance to help protect your and your child's best interests and guide you to a favorable outcome. At The Virga Law Firm, P.A., we have over 100 years of combined, proven experience handling all types of family law cases, and can be the guiding light you need through this process.

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Deciding Factors Of Visitation Rights

When making discussions on visitation rights for the noncustodial parent, many factors are taken into thorough consideration. When children are involved, it is important to keep the child's best interest in mind as well as the current state of the parent.

Examples of keeping the child's best interest in mind include:

  • Child's wishes
  • Child's relationship with parent
  • Child's school and community
  • Parent's living situation
  • Parent's financial standing
  • Parent's mental and physical state
  • Parent's ability to care for child
  • Parent's lifestyle

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Whether you are the custodial parent or not, or are looking to modify visitation rights, we can provide personalized representation, striving for the most favorable legal outcome possible for you and your family. The founder of The Virga Law Firm, P.A. has been included in The National Trial Lawyers: Top 100, which is reflected in our strong legal background and firm litigation skills.

We work with a team of experts and specialist, providing a personalized and in-depth touch to your case. As seasoned and capable Panama City visitation attorneys, we hold a wealth of knowledge and presence that could be of great use to your current situation.

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