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While our team of Orlando family law attorneys pride themselves on their trial advocacy skills, we also understand that settlement negotiations and mediation are effective means of resolving divorce, paternity and other family law cases to the best interest of the parties. Many of our clients have never participated in a mediation prior to their family law case.

During almost every family law proceeding, either the parties will request mediation or the court will order the parties to participate in mediation. The main goal of mediation is to create an environment that is conducive to resolving disputes. The process is overseen by a mediator who as extensive training in mediation services. The mediator’s role is to make sure the mediation is conducted in accordance with the Florida rules and statutes that govern all mediations in Florida family law cases.

In particular, Florida law requires mediators to:

  • Be neutral- the mediator and the mediation process should be conducted without any bias toward either party
  • The mediator should not force the parties to reach an agreement
  • Mediation is always to be conducted in a manner that focuses on the mutual good of the parties

Our Orlando family law attorney’s goal for mediation align with most mediators, we aim to create a positive environment that fosters communication between the parties regarding potential settlements. In order to promote an environment that fosters this communication, and allows the parties to freely negotiate, communications had during mediation are confidential and cannot be disclosed to the court.

If an agreement is reached in the family law case at the mediation, the mediator and your Orlando attorney will draft a settlement agreement right there at mediation. The agreement will be signed by all parties, then filed with the court. Once the court has reviewed the agreement and all other statutory requirements have been met, a final judgment will be entered by the court accepting the terms thus bringing the case to a conclusion.

Many of our Orlando family law attorneys have received the extensive training necessary to successfully conduct Family Law Mediations and have represented countless clients with their family law mediations throughout the state of Florida.

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