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When a married couple makes the choice to have a child, each spouse is automatically legally required to take care of that child. Yet for couples who are not married but share a child, determining who owes what to whom can be difficult. Because there is no legal assumption of fatherhood amongst unmarried couples, men are not required to provide child support. Conversely, men are also not allowed to seek visitation, custody, or other joint parental arrangements if it has not been legally established that they are the biological father.

At The Virga Law Firm, P.A., our Panama City Beach paternity attorneys provide legal assistance to both mothers and fathers. With over 100 years of combined experience in family law matters, our skilled legal team is here to help settle disputes between parents and protect the well-being of children.

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Determining Paternity for Mothers: Am I Entitled to Child Support?

For mothers looking to establish paternity to appeal for child support, first you will need to file a petition in family law court. This petition with ask that the judge legally recognize the man you believe to be the father of your child as said child’s parent. Next, the man in question will be given 20 days to respond to the petition, at which point, if he has still not answered notice, your reliable family attorney will file a second petition with the court. This will ensure that your appeal is settled at a final hearing.

If the alleged father should choose to challenge your petition, your lawyer will then request a DNA test to be administered. This test will definitively establish whether the man in question is indeed the father of your child. After DNA testing has produced irrefutable evidence of parenthood, you may then begin collecting child support payments from the father, thus protecting your child’s future.

Determining Paternity for Fathers: Seeking Child Custody & Visitation

No person, man or woman, should be denied the chance to participate in their child’s life. Filing a paternity action as a father acknowledges this, and establishes a request to take an active part in a child’s upbringing. While you will not be able to obtain custody or visitation until it can be proven that you are the biological father of the child in question, a practiced family lawyer will do everything in their power to expedite this process. An attorney will also be able to assist you in appealing for other shared responsibilities, such as a choice in the child’s education, religious upbringing, medical treatment, and where the child should live. While we know it is difficult to be kept away from your child, with the assistance of an experienced fathers’ rights attorney you may soon be able to secure the quality parenting time you have missed out on.

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Every child deserves to have parents who will fight to secure what is necessary for their health and happiness. Whether you are a mother seeking necessary support for your child’s future or a father who wants to establish joint custody, our Panama City Beach paternity lawyers are here for you. We know that family law matters can often be emotional and difficult, which is why we offer compassionate and tireless legal support focused on helping provide a wonderful life for your child.

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