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Does Infidelity Matter in A Pensacola Divorce?

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Florida is a “no-fault” divorce state. What this means is that you are not required to list a cause for the divorce, and need only to demonstrate that you and your spouse’s marriage has broken down past the point of reasonably being repaired. This doesn’t mean that infidelity will not play a role in your divorce proceedings, even if it wasn’t the cause of your relationship’s demise.

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How Can Infidelity Affect Your Divorce?

Fortunately, couples do not need to publicly disclose their reasons for a divorce in court. This can help relieve some of the stress and tension that occurs with a divorce. Unfortunately, while infidelity isn’t required to provide weight to your divorce petition, it can still negatively impact your judge’s decision making during the process of your divorce.

Unfaithful spouses may be punished with unfavorable rulings on:

The law decrees that property should be divided equitably, meaning in a manner that is fair to each spouse respectively. When one spouse has committed a wrongdoing towards the other, it is possible that the judge may rule more in favor of the wronged spouse. This can also cause you to lose favorable custody arrangement or even result in higher support payments.

Why You Need an Attorney

Ultimately, it is always in your best interests to speak with an attorney when you are facing a legal proceeding. Regardless of whether adultery is a factor in your divorce, our knowledgeable Pensacola divorce attorneys are here to advocate on your behalf for a fair divorce. We are backed by more than 80 years of collective experience, and we know how the help families navigate this difficult time in their lives.

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