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Once upon a time, mothers were far more likely to receive full or primary custody of children at the point of divorce. However, it’s no secret that children need the attentive involvement of fathers just as much as that of mothers, and Florida courts are increasingly more likely to take this into account when determining child custody. This has resulted in an increase in the frequency of joint custody, in which both parents share involvement in major decisions about a child’s life and well-being.

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Different Kinds of Joint Custody

Joint custody can take 2 different forms:

  • Joint Legal Custody: Sharing legal custody of a child means both parents are directly involved in making important decisions. This means parents have to collaborate when deciding where a child will live, where they will attend school, etc. Two parents can have joint legal custody regardless of where a child lives or spends the majority of their time.
  • Joint Legal and Physical Custody: Along with joint legal custody and decision-making powers, parents who have joint legal and joint physical custody also spend equal time with the child. (This typically takes the form of weeknights with Mom and weekends with Dad, or a similar arrangement that ensures both parents have the child for close to the same amount of time on a weekly basis.)

Can I Alter My Joint Custody Orders?

Child custody orders can be appealed. However, it is often preferable to work toward a fair child custody arrangement during divorce than it is to have your orders altered later. It may seem easier to accept child custody orders you aren’t crazy about than put up a fight and prolong your divorce, but by doing so you run the risk of being stuck with an undesirable arrangement.

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