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Who Has to Pay Alimony?

In some divorces, one spouse is more educated or has a higher earning potential than the other. These are often called “more affluent spouses,” meaning that they can earn a much higher income on their own and maintain a higher standard of living than their “less affluent” spouse. If divorce creates an economic disparity that puts the less affluent spouse at a significant financial disadvantage, a judge may order the more affluent spouse to support the other for a period of time.

Sometimes this is permanent and can continue indefinitely, but temporary alimony is often ordered in order to preserve the well-being of one spouse while they complete the process of divorce and get their feet under them. This is known as temporary alimony.

Temporary Alimony During Divorce

Couples who decide to divorce sometimes immediately separate and take up different residences. If one spouse is no longer receiving financial help from the other, it can be very difficult to pay for basic things like rent, groceries, transportation, and so on. When this occurs, a judge may order the wealthier spouse to begin making alimony payments while the divorce is in process, in order to ensure one spouse does not suffer unnecessarily before the court settles on a longer-term spousal support arrangement.

Temporary alimony is also awarded so that the couple continues jointly paying their mutual bills, debts, and other shared expenses. (This keeps things like mortgage payments, school loans, etc. from falling to one member of the pair while the divorce progresses.)

Durational Alimony After Divorce

Durational alimony is a form of temporary alimony. In Florida, durational alimony is awarded when permanent alimony doesn’t fit the circumstances or would place an unnecessary burden on the paying spouse. The court often deems durational alimony appropriate when the financially disadvantaged is capable of becoming financially independent but requires short-term support while receiving education, training, or important certifications. The only catch with durational alimony is that it cannot be paid for a period longer than the marriage itself. (For example, a Florida court will not order your husband of 3 years to pay for undergraduate education lasting 4 years.)

Alimony arrangements are serious business and can be very helpful or very harmful for the paying and the receiving spouse. As much as it is in your power to do so, it is very important to make sure your alimony orders are fair and not overly burdensome.

Our lawyers are here to help you make that happen. With strong legal representation, decades of shared experience, and more than a few successes in family court, we know what it takes to provide you with the caliber of legal service you deserve.

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