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Family Law & Enforcement of Court Orders

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During the divorce process, many court orders are made by a family court judge, and these are useful in providing direction to the divorcing spouses once their divorce is finalized. Court orders stipulate a variety of things, including any alimony, child custody arrangements, and equitable distribution. Unfortunately, some people choose to disobey the terms of these orders because they don’t like the terms, they feel hostility towards their ex, and/or their personal circumstances change and abiding the orders becomes difficult. Unfortunately, sometimes merely getting the court order is the first step to solving a problem with your divorce. Luckily, you have legal recourse to obtain compliance from your ex-spouse with the help of a Panama City beach family attorney.

Examples of defying court orders include:

  • Refusal to allow one ex-spouse to visit his/her children despite their visitation rights.
  • Moving any shared biological children without notifying the ex-spouse.
  • Failure to pay child support or alimony.
  • Violating a restraining order if one is in place, usually this is the case when domestic violence was a component of the dissolved marriage.

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How Are Court Orders Enforced?

Even if your hostile ex-spouse wants to play fast and loose with court order stipulations, the law is on your side. Don’t let your ex, or opposing counsel, trample your legal rights. Florida statute allows family court judges to encourage an uncooperative ex-spouse to comply. Court orders may also be enforced through contempt of court. Often simply called “contempt,” this is an action taken by the court when someone breaks the law by disobeying or disrespecting the authority of the court. Criminal penalties may be associated, depending on the nature of the offense. Criminal consequences for contempt include jail time, court order to pay the opposing counsel’s fees, and compensation of lost parental time, if one ex-spouse withheld parental visitation rights from the other.

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