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Pensacola Mediation in Family Law Cases

Though our Pensacola family law attorneys pride themselves on their trial advocacy skills, we are also proud of our negotiation skills outside the courtroom. We understand that settlement negotiations and mediation can be just as effective at reaching our clients’ legal objectives in divorce, paternity, and other family law cases to the best interest of the parties.

Mediation is a new concept for most of our clients. However, in almost every family law proceeding, the Pensacola court will require the parties to participate in mediation. The courts require the parties to participate typically because most cases can be resolved at mediation. The goal of mediation is to allow the parties to create settlement negotiations in a positive environment geared toward resolving the dispute. A certified mediator facilitates the negotiation process and uses his or her extensive knowledge of dispute resolution to help the parties express their litigation goals to the adverse party.

Florida statutes govern all mediations in Florida family law cases and the mediator is there to ensure each rule is adhered to. Some examples are as follows:

  • Be neutral- the mediator and the mediation process should be conducted without any bias toward either party
  • The mediator should not force the parties to reach an agreement
  • Mediation is always to be conducted in a manner that focuses on the mutual good of the parties

Our Pensacola family law lawyers’ goals for mediation mirror the goals of the mediators –to generate a constructive environment that promotes open dialogue between the parties regarding potential resolution of the case. In order to promote this type of environment, the legislature has determined that all communications during mediation are to remain confidential among the parties and cannot be disclosed outside the mediation, especially to the court.

If a settlement agreement is reached by the parties at mediation, then the mediator and your Pensacola attorney will draw up a settlement agreement at mediation. The agreement will be signed by all parties, then filed with the court shortly thereafter. The Pensacola court must review the settlement agreement to ensure all statutory requirements have been met before issuing a final judgment. But once the review is complete, the judge will enter a final judgment accepting the terms of the settlement thus resolving the matter and closing the case.

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Our Pensacola family law attorneys have extensive training and experience negotiating terms outside of the courtroom that ultimate result in our clients’ best interests. We have participated in countless mediations throughout Florida Panhandle, achieving great success for our clients.

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