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When a couple separates or gets divorced, countless people are adversely affected, particularly any children involved. Despite being incredibly influential and important in a child’s life, grandparents are often left behind when it comes to being in their grandchild’s life following divorce or separation. Unfortunately, Florida is rather restrictive when it comes to grandparents’ rights, which is why it is necessary you enlist the services of an insistent and relentless Fort Walton grandparents’ rights attorney, such as ours at The Virga Law Firm, P.A.

The state of Florida allows grandparents to petition the courts for custody and visitation, though the extent and approval of these requests are severely limited. If the child is at risk while under the care of parents or other relatives, grandparents may be granted temporary custody in an effort to preserve and protect the best interests of the child. However, it may be challenging to prove your interference as a grandparent won’t be harmful to the child’s relationship with his or her parents. This is because Florida state courts seek to ensure parents approve of any access of the child in question, and if you file without the parents’ consent, you will face opposition from both the child’s parents and the courts. This means your claim to obtain the visitation and custody you seek must be a convincing one.

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