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Family Law Magistrates in Florida

General Magistrates and Family Law Cases

In the state of Florida, judges may appoint a general magistrate to help ease their immense workloads. While the judge typically handles matters of serious consequence (major criminal violations and civil matters involving grievous injury), they may delegate minor duties. While many family law disputes can be seen in front of a magistrate, either party may object.

In general, magistrates are capable of processing cases faster than a judge. Because of this, the party initiating legal action tends to favor their use. On the other hand, a defending party is likely to oppose their use for the very same reason.

Our Family law attorneys will work through the specifics of your case to help you evaluate your best path forward.

Remember, while helpful, magistrates are not judges. They were not appointed by the governor or by voters. General magistrates are licensed attorneys selected by a judge to help deal with large caseloads. Instead of issuing an order, the magistrate must submit a written recommendation to the judge for approval.

Under certain circumstances, you may object to the magistrate’s report and recommendations. We can expertly evaluate your case, and determine whether appearance before a magistrate or judge is best for your situation. Let our attorneys guide you through the complex issues associated with Florida family law.

Whether your case falls before a magistrate or judge, our extensive experience will prepare you for the courtroom. Do not stand alone. Let our vast knowledge and determined approach work towards your litigation goals. When dealing with the complicated inner workings of family law, knowledge and skill prove essential.

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