Can I “Win” in a Divorce?


Many enter a divorce with hostility and anger driving their decisions and goals, causing them to desire to identify a clear winner and loser in their divorce. However, there are many factors that can cause a party to “win” or “lose” in a divorce proceeding. Further, many believe that there are no winners in a divorce at all. It is important to discuss with your Orlando Divorce Attorney your goals for your divorce in order to flesh out the idea of “winning” your case.

It is important to remove the mindset of winning and losing in a divorce case. In reality, there are very seldom any winners in these Family Law cases. You will never be able to keep all your items or assets that you gained during the time of your marriage. They will be divided between you and your spouse and you will lose access to many items and funds. Further, if minor children are involved, you will have to divide time with them as well and lose the continued and uninterrupted interactions you used to enjoy. However, if you set goals for yourself and what you desire from your divorce proceedings you may be able to find small victories throughout the process.

For instance, winning to some may include retaining the family business, or a particular piece of jewelry. While others consider winning to being awarded primary custody of the children, or an alimony award. Others find winning only to come in the form of a litigated court battle while others see a win through a neutral and fair settlement. There are many elements to consider in a divorce and what you wish to achieve. Your specific goals need to be determined upfront and discussed with your Orlando Divorce Attorney. From there, your Orlando Divorce Attorney will discuss and strategize on how to achieve those goals and “win” your case.

In order to present a “winning” case to the court, or to your spouse in settlement, you can take certain steps in order to create an advantage. First, you should hire an experienced Orlando Divorce Attorney. With the proper representation, you will find yourself ahead of the game in many areas, as they will guide you and prepare you steps in advance in order to properly prepare your case. Having an experienced attorney means they know the law, know the evidence necessary to prove the claims, and are able to argue and protect your rights in every step of the process. Without this type of guidance, you may be losing significant amounts of financial benefits, custody awards, or possible settlement agreements.

Another way to push your case forward that results in a win, will be to gather the necessary evidence and documents requested by your Orlando Divorce Attorney. Financial records including bank statements and tax returns of all accounts known to you will allow the attorney to formulate the income of the parties, the expenses, and the necessities of the children and you for support awards. Further, if misconduct has occurred, it will be imperative to have evidence displayed to the court such as conviction records, receipts of dissipation of assets, or police reports documenting abuse. Once again, this collection of evidence can aid you in the process of achieving your specific goals and desired outcomes in your divorce.

After recognizing your goals for your divorce, you may be able to implement tactics with your Orlando Divorce Attorney that make your objectives easier to obtain. However, the idea of winning or losing in a divorce is a thought that is lost on many because, a divorce involves much more than a simple award to supplement damages that occurred due to an injury. You are dividing a life built with your partner and winning is not always the goal. Discuss your specific goals with your Orlando Divorce Attorney to ensure you feel a sense of a win in your case.

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