How to Adjust to Being a Single Parent After Divorce?

A mother hugs her small child as she drops him off at school

Finding your new normal after a divorce independent of your partner can be a difficult road to travel. This includes finding and identifying your new role as a single parent to your children. Although this new role may be difficult to comprehend after a divorce, it is important to find good resources to aid you during this time. Therefore, your Orlando Divorce Attorney has complied some tips that have helped other newly single parents discover their new single parenthood.

When first entering any new job, or role, it is inevitable to second guess yourself and find that you have little self-esteem. This is especially true after a divorce and entering the path of single parenthood. Many doubt themselves because all financial and child care decisions are on their shoulders alone, instead of being able to consult with a spouse. It is important to remind yourself of all the items you have achieved on your own. You successfully made it through a divorce, one of the most emotionally taxing events in a person’s life. You have been living on your own and made it through another day. Even finding small victories can aid in your mental and emotional state. Further, it is important to forgive yourself for the mistakes you are bound to make. No parent is perfect, even with the assistance of a partner. Performing all parenting tasks solo is difficult and you need to breathe and give yourself some positive feedback.

Focus on the relationships in your life. When you are a single parent, the most important relationships are those you have with your children. Therefore, filter out the negative thoughts or desires to only focus on your own needs. Rather, many parents have found that when they focused on their children and the relationship, they saw the happiness they were able to provide for their child and this in turn impacted their own outlook and joy. This focus will also remove you from the negative effects the divorce may have had on you emotionally, and you can fill those holes left by the divorce by forming a strong bond and relationship with your child. The other relationship that is important is the one with your coparent. Although this relationship does not need to be emotional or filled with joy in every interaction, it does need to be a working and cohesive relationship for you and your child. If you and your former partner are patient and understanding with each other, this provides less stress and anxiety surrounding exchanges with your coparent and aids not only you but your child.

Finally, as a single parent you need to carve out time for self-care. Reward yourself with a spa day, a movie date by yourself, go out with friends, or take up a new hobby. Do something for you to remind yourself that you are not only a parent, but you are an adult with needs as well. During this time remind yourself of the hard work you put in everyday to care for your children as a single parent and the victories you accomplish each day. This time to take care of you, will benefit you and your child as they see their parent taking action to better themselves.

Single parenthood is not a role many desire to have, especially when a child was born during a marriage. Therefore, it is difficult for parents to redefine their parenthood role outside of their spouse’s aid. Ensure you implement certain tactics and gain resources to ensure the transition is easy for you and your children.

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