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Full and fair financial disclosure of the parties is crucial in almost every divorce and family law matter. Our skillful Pensacola divorce lawyers understand the parties’ financial resources and assets are generally the main focus of every divorce, child support and alimony case that is pursued. Even in the event the parties are able to reach an amicable settlement agreement, a full and fair financial disclosure is required under Florida statute for the agreement to be valid and recognized by the Pensacola court.

Our family law attorneys will painstakingly scrutinize the parties’ incomes and financial disclosures to not only insure the accuracy of the Family Law Financial Affidavit but also that your litigation goals are in your best interest based on the financial disclosures.

Financial Affidavits have been implemented by the Florida legislature and is utilized in the bulk of family law cases. The affidavit is essential to most family law cases because it addresses multiple sources of income a party may be receiving. These income records are used to determine accurate child support payments, alimony payments and equitable distribution.

Furthermore, the Financial Affidavit itemizes the tax and mandatory deductions to determine a party’s net-income. The affidavit also itemizes the assets and liabilities of the party to further depict the party’s net-worth. In order to meet the minimum disclosure requirements according to Florida statutes, the parties of the litigation must complete a financial affidavit when entering into a settlement agreement.

Completing a financial affidavit on your own can be an overwhelming task due to the in-depth breakdown of your income and net worth. But do not be alarmed. Our Pensacola divorce and family law attorneys are here to help you every step of the way. We will assist you with the completion of the financial affidavit, as well as other disclosures that may be requested of you. In addition, we will analyze the opposing party's affidavit to ensure your economic rights are protected, and you receive what is fair under the state law.

Our team of Pensacola divorce attorneys are dedicated to your representation during this trying time. Let us be your financial advocates. If you have questions regarding financial affidavits, or pursuing a family law case call our office today to schedule your same-day consultation.