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Financial Affidavits in Florida

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During divorce proceedings, it's mandatory for both spouses to provide a comprehensive financial document, also known as a financial affidavit. This document helps clarify the financial history and current situation of a family, which is then used by a judge to make the proper decisions regarding matters like alimony, property division, and child support. Due to the document's thorough and comprehensive nature, it's imperative to seek assistance from an experienced divorce lawyer, especially if you situation is one of high net worth.

How Do Financial Affidavits Affect Divorce?

Financial affidavits are tedious and require the insight of a legal professional. Sections such as monthly expenses can be time-consuming to sort through. It's important to be completely honest when completing your financial affidavit, because these documents are signed under oath and can be used as sworn testimony. Penalties for lying on a financial affidavit include being charged with perjury.

Matters addressed on a financial affidavit include:

  • The amount of alimony to be paid
  • The amount of child support to be paid
  • The assets and property the will be divided during divorce
  • Which spouse will be accountable for what debts

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