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Temporary Custody

What Is Temporary Custody?

Getting a divorce can take years. If it is contested in any way, divorce is guaranteed to take at least a few months. However some issues that come up during divorce are urgent and must be resolved quickly, for the good of the children involved.

When you and your spouse decided to split up, the family structure changes immediately. Spouses are often thrown into conflict over parenting responsibilities, who will live where, and how they will parent their children while divorce is taking place.

Temporary custody provides a short-term solution to this conflict. Having a court-mandated parenting arrangement during divorce can provide stability and certainty for children and parents long before the court finalizes a long-term child custody agreement.

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Who Can Have Temporary Custody?

When you and your spouse do not agree on who should take care of your children or where they should live during divorce, you have three options:

  • Figure it out together. Resolving your disagreement without an attorney or court intervention saves you time, energy, and frustration, and keeps you from being stuck with an arrangement you don’t like.
  • Request temporary custody of your children. If granted temporary custody, you would be responsible for being your children’s primary guardian. This resolves disputes regarding where children will live, who is allowed to see them at what time, and so on. Even if your spouse has left you to care for your children, you should still consider filing for temporary custody, in order to avoid any accusations of kidnapping from your spouse.
  • Propose a temporary order naming someone else as your child’s guardian. The court is always looking out for the best interests of the children involved and may consider awarding temporary custody to a non-parental family member, especially if continuing to live with one or both parents creates a volatile or unsafe environment for the children. Temporary custody may go to grandparents, aunts and uncles, and other family members, who may themselves petition for custody.

Establishing temporary custody can be a challenge, but it may be necessary to protect yourself and/or your children during divorce. When your divorce takes a toll on your children or on your ability to keep them safe, it’s time to act. Get in touch with a family lawyer right away for help.

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