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Financial Disclosure in Divorce

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Before you will be allowed to proceed with a settlement agreement in your divorce case, you will need to make a full financial disclosure. Practically every divorce case in Florida requires both parties to submit a Family Law Financial Affidavit. This statement is critical to ensuring an equitable distribution of your assets under Florida statutes.

The division of financial assets is an important step of a marriage dissolution, so it is critical to ensure that your documents are properly prepared. This fact holds true for all divorces, contested and uncontested alike. Even if both parties are amicable, Florida courts require a financial affidavit to verify the distribution is equitable. Without this important financial disclosure, the court will not recognize the divorce agreement.

The Family Law Financial Affidavit is one of the important legal requirements you must pass during the process of your divorce. While many factors are taken into consideration in asset distribution, your income is a major factor in your divorce or family law case. Our attorneys will itemize your income, tax deductions, assets, and liabilities to determine your net worth. We will carefully inspect every source of income to accurately gauge key items, including alimony, child support, and equitable asset distribution.

Your financial affidavit will also play an important role in determining the amount of child and spousal support assigned, and the paying parent’s ability to pay. Our experienced lawyers can help you examine all your financial information with the highest level of precision. We are dedicated to safeguarding your best interests.

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While it may seem intrusive, a full financial disclosure is necessary to protect your economic rights. It can be stressful and overwhelming to provide a detailed breakdown of your personal financial information. With the guidance of our experienced professionals, you can rest easy knowing that you have our dedicated team at your side.

The Virga Law Firm, P.A. will be with you through every step of your case. No matter what you are facing, our lawyers can help you get through it while ensuring that your rights are respected and your best interests are looked after. We will do everything in our power to ensure that you walk away with a favorable settlement to your case.

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